Remote IT Management

Remote IT Management allows a BSi Networks Technician to remotely take control of your machine without being onsite and resolve the problem. Remote Management is an excellent service that can provide your company with faster response times which in return lowers your network downtime.

Remote Management is a secure connection that allows the technician to see your desktop from a remote location by using pre installed software that we provide on your machine.

Remote Management Layout

When a problem has been detected you can access the help desk via our web site or place a service call and a tech will create a problem ticket and respond with an estimated time for correcting the problem. The IT technician will often wish to connect immediately to the network through a VPN connection in order to correct the problem.

Through another patented process,Remote IT software produces reports of each machine on the network in detailed graphs of hardware and software installed on each machine. With built in security features we can remotely and safely administer the customers network from behind the firewall thereby creating complete security for the customer site against unwarranted network intrusions, while giving the BSi network technician secure access from a web site regardless of location.

Remote contracts can be combined with Care Plans for additional savings.

Remote Network Support

Reduced Downtime

Immediate connectivity

Secure Administration

Hardware Inventory Reports

Software Inventory Reports

Remote User Monitoring

Remote Deployment

Remote IT Quarterly Rates

1-3 computers---$200 quarterly

3-10 computers---$400 quarterly

10-25 computers---$600 quarterly

10% discount for annual contracts